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  • date_range05/24/2017
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Seriously Fidget Spinners?!

Seriously Fidget Spinners?! Sorry for the rant but I can"t hold it in anymore! The only things that our suppliers have been pushing on us are these Fidget Spinners! We"ve been presented Fidget Spinners in all different arrays of styles Ninja Stars, Captain America Shields, Oil Slick Electroplated, LED Light-ups, and the Original shown above. This craze for Fidget Spinners has even gone main stream with
  • date_range05/24/2017
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Quote of the Day - 05/24/2017

Fairness does not mean everyone gets the same.Fairness means everyone gets what they need.-Rick Riordan
  • date_range05/11/2017
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Quote of the Day - 05/11/2017

Compliment People.Magnify their strengths,not their weaknesses.
  • date_range05/03/2017
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Quote of the Day - 05/03/2017

Do not take life too seriously.You will never get out of it alive.-Elbert Hubbard
  • date_range04/26/2017
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How Many of You have Made This Mistake with an Employee?

Associating Problems / Issues / Challenges to Mean the Same ThingHi Friends!Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule and allowing us to share some insight with you.How many of us have associated the words Problems, Issues, and Challenges to mean the same thing?I definitely know I have.Now, how many of us have made this mistake when speaking with a staff member by beginning our conve

  • date_range04/18/2017
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Quote of the Day - 04/18/2017

"Believing is Seeing."Truly believe in yourself and you will see unbelievable results.
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