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Choosing how to Respond under Your own Terms

  • date_range03/14/2017
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Great Morning Friends!

It's Tuesday and we are snowed in! Since I have the attention of our Northeast and Mid-Atlantic friends lets take this day off to reflect and work on you being you.

Creating Your List of Virtues or Code of Ethics

Have you ever regretted the way you reacted or responded in a certain situation? If you haven't then you're LYING! We've all make the mistake of reacting or responding badly to a situation. So let's go over how we can come up with a plan on how to respond without the regret because it'll be based off of your virtues and ethics.

It must have been about two weeks ago and I'm still embarrassed on how I responded to one of my clients. It was Thursday and on Thursday's I take the early bus to get into the store. So I wake up and it's still dark in the morning and I go downstairs to grab a glass of water and BOOM! I step barefoot in dog poop. I hop over to get some cleaner and paper towels and hop on back to clean the mess. Then I looked outside the window to see that all the boxes I left out for recycling the night before is all over the street, up and down the block, and realized that I also didn't park the car in the driveway, which in my town you get ticketed for parking on the street overnight. So I rush out run around for about 10 minutes gathering the boxes and putting the car back into the driveway, thankfully without a ticket. I look at the time and notice that I'm running late, I jump in the shower and BOOM! Cold water…. The water heater must have turned off some point in the middle of the night and there I am in the corner of the shower playing hokey pokey while rinsing with the cold water.

I get dressed and make it on the bus in time and get a phone call from one of my clients. They were upset saying that there was an item missing from their order and that I didn't send it. With this particular client, they've called numerous times before with other orders to tell me that items are missing only to find it packaged together with another item. So I made the huge mistake by responding back by saying "We did send it. I packaged it myself. It's in there because I remember placing the item in the package and that you always call in to say that something is missing when it's not!" The telephone conversation didn't end so well with both parties upset.

On the remainder of the bus ride into the city, I was listening to an audiobook and it brought up an excerpt about Ben Franklin and his list of virtues that he lived by. A list of virtues or ethics that defined his values, his beliefs, and his true self that he can measure on a daily basis. Some of the virtues or ethics included: Temperance, Silence, Order, Resolution, Frugality, Industry, Sincerity, Justice, etc. This really got me to think, I don't have a list of virtues or code of ethics that I look and measure myself on the daily. Sometime I do react to a situation without involving or considering the values and beliefs that make me, ME. I started to jot down some virtues and ethics that I truly believe and give me joy: Sincerity, Gratitude, Playfulness, Generosity, Confidence, Commitment to Outstanding, etc.

This short list of virtues/ethics really centered me. I was able to think clearly, enjoy those around me, and really take some time to smell the roses. By the time I reached the store, I was beaming with enthusiasm and joy. I laughed and joked about the events that happened in the morning aside from the angry client call. We did check on their packing list and only shipped out 5 pieces out of the requested 6 pieces. I called and apologized for the way I reacted, explaining the morning that I had (thankfully they obliged and laughed) and thanked them for their continued business and support. Now when they call we always start with a laugh.

Sorry for the long rambling but I wanted to share how to make your life more enjoyable and fulfilling by helping you be You again especially when it's difficult to get a moment to ourselves and have a basis to measure ourselves.

The exercise is to:

1) Come up with 6-12 virtues/ethics that you cherish and try to live by. Write down each ethic with the word "Be" before each ethic.

2) Take a moment in the morning and at night to review the list and measure on how you did

I took a photo of this list and set it up as my lock screen on my phone as constant reminder.

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule and giving us the opportunity to share with you.

Have a Blessed and Kick Butt Day!

Best Regards,


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  • crystal   02/27/2018

    Thank you, I will definitely be using this.
  • Cassandra   03/29/2017

    Thanks for the info!