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How to Fix Loose Rhinestones and Crystals that have Fallen Out

  • date_range09/21/2017
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How to Fix Loose Rhinestones and Crystals that have Fallen Out

This tutorial idea came up as one of our clients emailed us saying that her necklace arrived broken. We asked for her to send us a photo to assess the damage and found out that a crystal had loosened and fallen out in the packaging. We apologized and she said that the necklace was carefully wrapped in bubble and that it was not our fault but how would we be able to take care of this matter? So we suggested for her to use a trick that we've used for years with fantastic results. Below is her comment:

"I spoke to you about the necklace set that I received damaged due to a couple of the stones coming off. You suggested that I try clear nail polish. I have to admit that I was a little skeptical but it did work. So thank you for your assistance"

- Cynthia


As a fellow business owner, we can totally relate to the frustrations and embarrassments that pursue when an item arrives or displayed item's stone falls out. We've been around for some time now and with trial and error testing have found the best method to cure this challenge.

Let's look into the likely top causes why the stone falls out in the first place:

Firstly, the rhinestone or crystal can fall out by dropping or shaking of the contents from the courier service used.

Secondly, the rhinestone or crystal can fall out by not having enough glue or adhesive to hold the weight of the glass stone.

Lastly, the glue can dry out over time and lose its strength (if it's displayed in direct sunlight or near a heat source.) All reasons lead mostly to frustration.

Before you grab the crazy glue and glue your fingers together or glue your fingers to the jewelry, yup we've been there, and become crazy, try these 2 solutions:

1) Clear Top Coat Nail Polish

  • a. It's less messy
  • b. Dries clear
  • c. Holds tight
  • d. You can also use it on earring posts for clients that have allergic reactions to costume jewelry

  • 2) E6000 Epoxy Glue

  • a. More Viscus for better control
  • b. Strong Hold
  • c. Dries Clear
  • d. Rub off Excess

Below is a video of us using these products with how to instructions.


We hope this advice will assist you the next time a rhinestone or crystal falls out.




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