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Welcome to Jwholesale Business Coaching and Consulting!

Welcome to Jwholesale Business Coaching and Consulting!

Thank you for your interest in our business coaching program. We are extremely privileged to have you join us and to share your valuable time with us.

Let me begin by introducing myself, my name is Thomas Jay Lee, Business Coach and owner of Jwholesale.com,and just like you, I began an online fashion jewelry business with a similar vision to help clients to ultimately attain personal financial freedom and independence.

Let me take you back to 2012, when we were starting out and had initial success with orders within hours from sending out our first email campaign, our team was excited and shocked with the responses we were receiving. However, the honeymoon period didn't last too long because at the time I was lacking leadership skills and strategies.We went about business and marketing by throwing everything at the wall to see what would stick and go all-in. Not only did we lose out on capital but we also lost out on our most valuable resource, time.

Looking back, it would have been a total game changer if I had someone to coach and mentor me from an outside point of view with experience and expertise for me to fast track business success. This past year I've gone through the transformation by traveling around the globe and learning from the Tony Robbins and CEO's of top businesses (i.e. Warby Parker, Soul Cycle, AirBnb) about leadership, culture, marketing and business strategies that are relevant for today's modern business world.

We've taken these simple and zero to little cost investment lessons and applied it to our business to see impacting results.

I'm not here to sell you some get-rich quick solution or strategies that are not relevant but to offer a (no obligation) complimentary (1) one hour of business coaching and helpful planning and worksheets ($500 value) to help build on top of your success into the coming New Year.

If you're interested in scheduling a call please click on the link provided and fill out results coaching application form:

[ Click and Apply Here for Business Coaching ]

Please note that there is limited space and time (applications due by June 30, 2018) for the complimentary offer (1) one hour of business coaching and helpful worksheets ($500 value).

We value your time and request only serious thought/business leaders apply.

Best Regards,

Thomas Jay Lee

Business Coach & Strategist

--- 06/05/2018 - Update ---

Here are some of the responses from our 1 on 1 calls:

"I feel more enthusiastic and confident that I will be successful and I'm not alone in growing my business." - Karen

"If you're ready to take your business to the next level, sign up for the discovery call with Thomas. He will help you think beneath the surface and provide actionable steps to take in your business." - Brittany

"Refreshed and ready to implement the changes we discussed." - Makare

"The sky is the limit, when you think outside the box and have a open mind" - Robyn


* Not all applicants will be accepted. Jwholesale Coaching does not provide legal, accounting, or tax advice.

Wholesale jewelry and fashion accessories wholesaler based in New York City - Jwholesale

We supply wholesale jewelry and wholesale accessories at the lowest prices.

We've supplied our hand picked fashion jewelry and accessories are for start-up jewelry sites, pop-up shops, mom and pops, chain stores, home business to the everyday fashionista and fashion jewelry fiend. We strive to provide the latest and trending wholesale fashion necklaces, wholesale fashion bracelets, wholesale fashion earrings, wholesale fashion scarves, wholesale fashion brooches, and other wholesale fashion accessories while incorporating our customer's input to improve our services and fashion jewelry and fashion accessories selections.

Feedbacks from our Customer

  • I have to say, Jwholesale go above and beyond to rectify problems and satisfy their customers. I will continue to be a faithful customer. Their merchandise is beautiful and reasonably priced. Sharon
  • Thank you for excellent customer service. I sent a response inquiry about an item being restocked today and received immediate response and update! You are appreciated! Tequila H
  • I have been using the Jdrop drop shippingsystem for a couple months now and I don't have enough good things to say about it!! As a small business this system has helped me grow tremendously as I can increase my inventory and provide more options for my clients. This makes them happy and keeps them coming back! I have also been very happy and greatly impressed with the excellent customer service from the Jdrop team! They have gone above and beyond to make sure that we can meet tough deadlines for my customers! Thank you Jwholesale for providing this great opportunity! Josie
  • Thank you Jwholesale for top quality products and having some of the best customer service I’ve experienced! My questions are always answered immediately and shipping with your company is incredibly smooth! So glad I found you and look forward to many prosperous years with you! Laurie
  • I've been purchasing beautiful jewelry from the beautiful people at jwholesale for several years. I now take advantage of the drop ship program. I use the pictures on the site to sell their items, when I get a sale I place my order and email the shipping labels to them and they mail it to my customer. This works fantastic for me because I really don't have the room or money to keep a bunch of inventory. Thank you JWHOLESALE!! :) Deana
  • Everything I have purchased for my customer has been well received. I sell out of your product in hours, not days. I highly speak of the quality and fast shipping. This is why I love NYC. Simply the Best. Love knowing I can depend on you for my business need. Thank you, and great doing business with you. Ty
  • Hello, Thank you for your prompt reply. I appreciate your business practices and am excited to receive the beautiful pieces I've ordered from your company. Thank you for your time! Brooke F.
  • Your jewelry is outstanding. The quality is beyond reproach and the selection magnificent. Thank you for taking the time to package everything safely and shipping quickly. I am in love with JWholesale. Lillian
  • We have just found your website a few months ago. We are very pleased with your service, selection and membership discounts. Thank You! Cathy - Nova Scotia, Canada
  • "How very nice of you! I enjoyed my trip to NYC. I did visit and purchase from the 6th street store, think your prices were better on-line. It is defintatley easier to shop on-line than making decisions with the product in-front of you :-). The staff was very nice and helpful." DEBBIE JO., BIRMINGHAM, AL
  • Just wanted to tell you how great your service was and how impressed I am at your quality. All around terrific! NANCY R.. BOCA RATON, FL
  • I really appreciate your diligence and your professional attitude towards fixing my payment issue.
    I sincerely appreciate all that you've done on my behalf and am happy to say that I will be shopping with JWholesale again!

    Thanks for your help. You were amazing ;) Sera - Arizona
  • I enjoy doing business with JWholesale!! Emails are responded to quickly!! The checkout process is a simple one, the pieces are lovely, prices are affordable and shipping as stated!!! Thanks for the wonderful experience since i"ve started my business in Dec 2012!!! Good job Team JWholesale RACHELLE - TRINIDAD
  • I was delighted with our initial order. Often when I order online I am underwhelmed by the actual product. Not true with your jewelry, everything was better than expected. We sold the big rings very quickly as we had Southern Decadence despite the Hurricane. All is well here, thank you for inquiring. You are sure to see lots of orders from us in the future. MARCY H., NEW ORLEANS, LA
  • would just like to thank you guys because with out your beautiful jewellery selection in my store, i might have gone belly up! Coming from a small town unique and good quality products are hard to find!! Thank you for making this easy for me and I love that you ship it to me asap KIM D., AUSTRALIA
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